Vanished like inhibitions at a bachelorette party*

I’m sure it’s evident that I haven’t been particularly attentive to this blog in 2018. It goes without saying that I’m on an extended hiatus.

Between knee surgery, a broken ankle, and working to start my own business, things have been … interesting. I want to come back, but I can’t say when that will happen.

I have a habit of wasting time on Twitter as it gradually sucks my soul dry. If you miss me that much, come over and join me. (The politics are depressing but the cat gifs are great.)

Anyway, here’s me waving at you from the digital wasteland. See you soon(ish). ♥

*Title quotation by Dennis Vickers in Between the Shadow and the Soul

Damn everything but the circus!

Craving external stimuli? Hooboy, I’ve got your poison:

The blog is still down (duh), but I just wanted to pop in to say I’ve donated space on my web host to The Dymond-Studded Menagerie of Oddities – a show I’m helping co-ordinate.

Oh, and I’m also performing in said show. (Spoiler alert: I’m the mermaid.)

*Title quotation: E.E. Cummings